Russian government might restrict pulp exports to curb spiking domestic prices

Monday, Feb 16, 2015

The Russian government is mulling market control measures to restrict the export of pulp in a bid to curb prices on the domestic market. The spike in Russian domestic pulp prices, which have reportedly jumped by a total of up to 50-80% over the past few months, has led graphic paper producers to consider their own price increases, putting pressure on the publishing industry, market experts said.

Following a meeting held by Russia's Ministry of Industry and Trade Minpromtorg with pulp and paper producers, the anti-monopoly regulator (FAS), and publishing industry representatives last week, Monpromtorg said that any price hike for pulp and paper in the range of 15-20% is "justified" amid the current economic and financial climate, while price hikes in the range of 50% are "destabilizing."


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