Recycled containerboard prices in Poland rise again

Wednesday, Oct 07, 2015

In contrast to developments on other European markets, recycled containerboard prices in Poland have increased during the latest price round.

Recycled corrugated case material became more expensive again in Poland in August and September. This mark-up, which was implemented in one or sometimes two instalments, was in addition to July's price increase. Developments on the Polish market differed from what happened on other key European markets where attempts to charge more went nowhere by the end of September.

Local manufacturers had been "as hard as nails" during price talks, insiders stated, with Polish converters having no choice but to swallow an increase from the start of the month or in two instalments in August and September given the tight state of the market and producers' low stocks.

Machines at Polish paper mills are still running at full steam or are even overbooked, with demand characterised as "extremely good". One European manufacturer said that the second half of September had been quieter.

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