RCP prices in Poland still high in September

12 October 2017

While other European countries have already felt the effects of lacking export opportunities to China and prices began to fall in September at the latest, Polish prices were still at a high level in September. Price cuts are expected for October.

Polish recovered paper prices continued to climb over the past few weeks. Supermarket paper and board became more expensive especially in August and sometimes in September. Except for a minor dip in the first quarter of this year, Polish prices for the ordinary grades have been rising consistently since the middle of 2015.

However, it looks as if at least temporary relief for buyers is on the horizon. Prices for exports to the Far East have plunged in southern and western European countries, above all in the UK, Italy, France and - with a slight delay - in Germany over the past few weeks. This was followed by a drop in domestic prices. The ramifications of the lacking export opportunities to China will be palpable in Poland too, insiders said. Large amounts of recovered paper were available right now and paper mills' warehouses were full, contacts remarked to EUWID.


Source: euwid-paper.com