Pro-Gest invests Euro 2 million on recycling

Monday, Mar 07, 2016

Pro-Gest Group won the auction for the acquisition of the licenses and equipment of former waste collector Levio Loris from Badia Polesine, as the company said in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

Pro-Gest’s initial investment will be of Euro 2 million which includes the machinery acquired at the auction and the purchase of the 8,000 square meters building. Pro-Gest aims to resume the site activities as soon as possible.

Bruno Zago, the Group’s CEO, said: “With this acquisition we have taken an important step towards completing the vertical integration of the processes that make our group one of the leaders in the paper packaging industry. Our goal is to strengthen the initial part of the supply chain which is the collection of waste materials (most importantly of waste paper) that represent the needed raw material for the entire production process”.

“Being independent in this first phase of the manufacturing process will allow us to separate and accurately select paper for recycling according to its most appropriate use in the subsequent production steps, thus considerably reducing the time and costs of the recycling process,” he added.

Pro-Gest Group is Italian leading manufacturer of containerboard paper, corrugated board and packaging owned by the Zago family.


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