Prices for Bulk Recovered Paper Grades Tending Lower on The German Market in February

Thursday, Feb 18, 2016

Slight price cuts are also reported for used corrugated kraft and coloured letters. Supply and demand still balanced.

Despite widespread reports of a rather healthy demand-supply balance, the German recovered paper market has experienced a downward pressure on prices for lower grades and used corrugated kraft in February.

Sorted graphic paper for deinking was still in somewhat scant supply and prices did not budge in February. Supply of coloured letters was also reported to be scarce in February. Neverthelss, prices fell slightly compared with January.

So far, there are no accurate forecasts about the development on Germany's domestic market in March. The majority of EUWID contacts think that the market will remain balanced and thus prices will not alter substantially. Recovered paper arisings in north and east Germany are said to be a little lower than normal, but all was well in the south and west. Other market observers expect the bulk grades to come under downward pressure again in March.


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