Price hikes announced for GD board in Germany

Monday, Mar 20, 2017

With demand described as good and better than last year, more manufacturers have announced a price increase for GD board on the German market. Suppliers see good chances to implement the hikes.

The GD board producers' plans for a price hike are starting to take shape in March. Several producers followed suit after the first announcement was made and are demanding higher prices as of 1 or 3 April.

Some producers have not changed their demands but are sticking with the announcements that they made last year. But in contrast to the first few days of this year, when several respondents described the price hikes as failed, the market has now turned in the favour of board producers.

By mid-March, demand in Germany has proven consistently high, with many companies reporting better order intake than last year and delivery times of 3-4 weeks.

Price talks are ongoing and it is unclear right now whether and to what extent hikes will be implemented.



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