Polish GD board prices increase for the second time this year

10 June 2017

Recycled board suppliers hike GD board prices on strong first quarter demand.

Recycled board prices have climbed for the second time in a few months on the Polish market. Key suppliers had reportedly quickly and consistently implemented the second mark-up, which took effect for deliveries from 3 or 10 April and in rarer cases from the start of May. In most cases, their magnitude hinged on how much more buyers have paid since the start of the year.

The Polish cartonboard started off 2017 with an upbeat mood, but the situation had become a little cloudier in the second quarter. Several GD board suppliers said that demand was weaker in April and May than it had been in March. This slowdown was attributed to the Easter and May holidays amongst other things.


Source: euwid-paper.com