PAPCEL to start production of machinery and equipment in Italy

Tuesday, Sep 01, 2015

PAPCEL, Litovel, is going to start the production of machinery and equipment also in Italy from September 01, 2015. It is the growing foreign demand for paper machines of larger widths what has made the company take this step.

The company PAPCEL will follow the tradition of the original company, COMECART S.p.A, which is now part of the Italian BURGO Group. COMECART was established in 1980 and operated as a manufacturer and supplier of machines for the paper industry and also as a service company for the BURGO paper mill group.

The production plant is situated in the town of Cuneo, near the town of Turin. The total area of the premises is 120.000 m3, which includes 70.000 m2 of the assembly, production, and storage spaces (this includes 11.000 m2 of the covered production shop). COMECART will be used by PAPCEL for producing particularly rolls and other rotary machined products of large dimensions, Yankee rolls, and parts for headboxes of large dimensions and for working paper machine structures with a large dimension of over 5.000 mm. The production capacity is planned to be 5.000 standard hours in 2015 and will be increased to 25.000 standard hours in 2016. PAPCEL has bought modern CNC lathes (with a max. possible workpiece length of up to 18.000 mm), CNC horizontal boring and drilling machines with a travel of up to 16.000 mm, a grinding machine for rolls with a maximum possible grinding length of up to 9.500 mm, a CNC vertical turret lathe with a possible machining length of up to 6.000 mm, a roll balancer with a max. possible roll length of up to 18.000 mm. These are very modern machines and production is controlled using the ISO 9001 standards.

The advantage of the plant is especially its location and connection to main European routes and also to the port that is located near, therefore simplifying the transport and handling of goods, especially for customers overseas. PAPCEL will shorten delivery times and expand its range of products by this acquisition.

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