Papcel commissions high-capacity pulping node

Friday, Apr 10, 2015

As part of the project execution of stock preparation line reconstruction for the company Nikol-Pak, Uchaly, Russia, aimed at increasing output capacity up to 540 tpd, also a high-capacity pulping node was put into operation.

Within the node six machinery prototypes delivered by the company PAPCEL were put into operation. The main part of the node consists of new type of pulper LCV-65 with nominal engine output of 710 kW. Also 2 pieces of periodical rejects separator PSN-40 with prototype screen shape are connected to the pulping node, through which the line achieves higher performance. The rejects from PSN are drained by dewatering drum prototype OBN-20 which replaced OBN-10 with lower output.

A completely innovated type of spinning impurities ragger, which provides continuous tub cleaning, is part of the node. Optimal setting is able to increase the node performance high above the projected performance. At the same time, the spinning impurities ragger solution brings great savings in terms of reduced equipment wear off and lower energy consumption. Overall, the customer is highly satisfied with the pulping node operation as well as with the reconstruction of stock preparation line.

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