Nippon Paper Industries establishes Nippon Paper Logistics

6 July 2017

Nippon Paper Industries has formed Nippon Paper Logistics Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary. The logistics subsidiaries engage in the logistical operations of the Group on a regional block basis, mainly offering the transportation of the products and materials manufactured or used by the Group's nationwide plants.

With the establishment of Nippon Paper Logistics, the Group aims to strengthen collaborations among the logistics subsidiaries, in which the company is expected to play a pivotal role. Specifically, while maintaining the strengths established in their respective regions, the logistics subsidiaries will enhance wide area-based collaboration through transportation relays for long-distance transportation, work to retain truck drivers through improved working conditions and promote efficient round-trip transport.

In addition, Nippon Paper Logistics will also undertake the planning of logistics strategies for the Group's products as a whole, working on the improvement of logistics efficiency in consumption areas, such as the consolidation of logistics bases beyond the categories of the Group's products and an increase in turnover rates and loading efficiency of truck deliveries for customers.