Moelven invests in its Valasen mill in Sweden

20 June 2017

Moelven is making changes at its mill in Valåsen outside Karlskoga, Sweden, which includes introducing new solutions from Renholmen, as the company says in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

In summer, Moelven will be making a strategic change at its Valåsen mill in Sweden by abandoning timed flow, which was a modern concept at the time the mill was built in the 1980s, in its green sorting board line.

In its place, Renholmen’s patented buffer system will be incorporated into the line together with single-piece feeders, a larger number of sink bins and several upgrades to the sticker-stacker.

“We have worked with Moelven in Valåsen on a number of previous occasions, and it is great to have been entrusted with helping them to update their technology,” says Hans Eriksson, a member of the sales team at Renholmen.