JRS Resources establishes new wastepaper recycling plant in Phoenix, Arizona

17 May 2016

JRS Resources, a consolidated subsidiary of Japan Pulp and Paper Company Limited (JP), has established a new wastepaper recycling plant in Phoenix, Arizona, as the company said in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

The city of Phoenix, which acts as a logistics center linking inland regions with the West Coast, has been experiencing a continual increase in its population over recent years.

The Phoenix plant was established to strengthen the JP Group’s procurement of predominantly Old Corrugated Cardboard, which is also predicted to increase in line with the growing population.

It is considered that wastepaper recycling activities will play a significant role in the JP Group’s future and as such the Group will continue its efforts to further expand its wastepaper recycling business.

Japan Pulp and Paper distributes papers, paperboard, pulps, and paper-related products. Pulp & Paper owns a network of overseas operations in Asia, Oceania, and the North America.


Source : lesprom.com