Italy sees rising downward pressure on woodfree coated paper prices

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Prices for coated fine paper are pointing down in Italy due to low demand and strong competition.

Woodfree coated paper suppliers are experiencing cool demand and falling prices on the market in Italy. With capacity utilisation low and decreasing, more and more paper producers are willing to be flexible on prices.

Following the price cuts between March and April, many prices in Italy had fallen back to the levels seen in December 2015. A few manufacturers are not ruling out the possibility of a similar price cut for deliveries in May, either. Others want to keep current prices in place into the summer holidays to prevent a total slump in prices.

Destocking operations by wholesalers and quiet direct business have made a dent into the workloads of woodfree coated paper mills. Even larger orders could be delivered in less than a week, it is said.


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