February marks the end of price discussions on the magazine paper market in Italy

5 March 2015

SC and LWC paper prices continue on a downward trend in 2015. Market players report substantial price cuts in first quarter/half 2015 contracts.

The tug-of-war over prices on Italy's magazine paper market came to an end in February. Manufacturers and buyers report significant price cuts in contracts for deliveries in the first quarter/half of 2015.

Prices for SC paper came under under especially strong pressure and have closely followed the price trend seen in the newsprint segment. More modest cuts were reported in the case of LWC and MWC.

The industry does not anticipate that demand will recover any time soon. Suppliers are preparing for a tough 2015, which had started off on a very cautious note. Insiders commented that many customers were calculating their paper requirements very carefully and had reduced the order volumes for 2015 after cutbacks in the past couple of years.


Source : http://www.euwid-paper.com/