Coreboard prices in Italy heading higher

Wednesday, Jul 01, 2015

Rising recovered paper prices have left their mark on Italy's coreboard market, with coreboard prices heading higher in the second quarter.

Italy's coreboard market has seen prices climb in the second quarter of the year. Market players said that prices had often started heading on an upward path in May. A few suppliers had already demanded a little more, and then raised prices more substantially in a second instalment in June. In other instances, prices climbed in a single leap in June. However, the mark-ups announced by manufacturers were not implemented in full. Several producers indicated they intended to implement further hikes in July.

Market players reported that coreboard prices were under mounting pressure in the wake of rising costs for recovered paper, which had consistently become more expensive for a few months now. This was the main factor spurring the recent price increase. Of course, sustained robust demand for coreboard is also helping matters. Machines had full order books and exports, in particular, are still going well, insiders said.

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