CMPC announces $122M investment to expand boxboard output at Maule plant in Chile by 2018

Thursday, Aug 06, 2015

CMPC will invest $122 million at its Maule mill, located in central Chile, to increase the unit's capacity from the current 357,000 tonnes/yr to 450,000 tonnes/yr of folding boxboard, RISI has learned. The project is expected to be concluded in the first quarter of 2018 and involves the acquisition of new equipment for the paper machine (PM) and conversion area.

CMPC said that the Maule mill will incorporate the newest technologies in its production processes, improving boxboard weight and stiffness, as well as enhancing environmental standards. "With this investment, amongst other things, the company will be able to reduce its boxboard weight while keeping its mechanical characteristics, reducing the need of forestry resources for its production, reducing costs with logistics to distribute it to end-users, as well as decrease water, chemicals and electricity consumption," the company stated.

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