BRUKS Rockwood received Contract to supply Butt-End Reducer for Spanish Trail Lumber

Tuesday, Feb 17, 2015

Spanish Trail Lumber announced that BRUKS Rockwood was awarded the contract to supply a Butt-End Reducer for tree log handling. The project scope consists of design and supply of the BRUKS Butt-End Reducer to process and trim down tree logs. The Butt-End Reducer will fit a maximum of 20’ long tree logs and will mill away the root flares, while retaining the natural conic and oval form of the log. The cutting depth on the Butt-End Reducer is adjustable to the user’s preference. Full scale operations of these facilities will begin in the summer of 2015.

BRUKS is a global leader in mechanical-engineering and equipment supply for the bulk materials handling industries. BRUKS provides customer solutions for the bioenergy, biofuel, board and saw mill, bulk handling, and the paper and pulp industries.


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