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Roger Willis
About: Roger Willis - Head of Business

Roger started working as a Business Unit Manager Chemical Pulp + Paper at NETZSCH Pumpen und Systeme GmbH from 2001 to date. His keen interests are mainly Mining news & Networking, Flottweg Separation Technology, and Pump Users Forum.

1. What do you cover within the pulp and paper sector? Give brief overview about NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH

NETZSCH Pumpen und Systeme supplies Progressing Cavity and Rotary Lobe Pumps to the paper and pulp industry, the applications for which cover the transfer of pulp to the unloading and application of coatings and fillers along the with dosing of a wide variety of chemicals.

2. NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH has been a leading manufac¬turer of positive displacement pumps worldwide for the pulp and paper industry. Justify?

From the beginnings of the company in 1952 NETZSCH has always placed a great deal of emphasis on research and development to ensure that its product offerings match the current market requirements. Co-ordinated world-wide product management has also allowed NETZSCH to support international projects and customers by being in the position to supply service and spares locally from anyone of the five factories around the globe for NETZSCH pumps irrespective of their origin.

3. What are the major challenges you have faced till now? How did you find out solutions for those challenges?

Over the last 20 years or so the paper industry has changed significantly and the increase in production from emerging markets applied pressure on the more established markets, certainly within Europe and from our perspective this lead to change in a market which had been traditionally conservative. As a supplier into the industry we had to similarly adjust our philosophies and introducing change into a long established regime was probably the main challenge we faced.

4. What kind of value added solution you offer to the Pulp and Paper Industry? Your plans for new product developments?

NETZSCH Pumpen und Systeme began as a manufacturer of a single pump type, namely the progressing cavity pump and for many years even the company’s name reflected these roots. However, since introducing other pump systems into our manufacturing ranges, namely Rotary lobe and Screw Pumps we have been able to significantly expand our product offerings into the Paper and Pulp Industry. With the new T2 Rotary Lobe Pumps reliability and ease of maintenance were at the top of our design requirements. For the Progressing Cavity Pump we have recently introduced the second generation of iFD Stators. With this design the elastomer and tube of a conventional design stator have been separated, thus requiring the replacement of just the elastomer and not the complete stator. This reduces down time and saves money compared to the replacement of conventional stators.

5. You've mentioned high quality networks, best customer service, what are your company's advantages compared to the rest of the companies in the sector?

Having an integrated production network with factories in Germany, Brazil, America, China and India all producing pumps to identical specifications we are able to manufacture and supply pumps and spares locally. Often it is the case that pumps supplied within Europe for example are installed in other parts of the world. With our production network, service can be supplied locally with locally manufactured NETZSCH components. With over 60 NETZSCH Pumpen und Systeme sales companies strategically located around the globe we are able to support our customers locally.

6. ROI is the first question before finalizing a technology/equipment. Kindly justify the value on investment in Pulp and Paper Industry?

In any market ROI is a significant factor which influences purchasing decisions and this is certainly the case in the highly competitive paper and pulp market. With equipment such as ours the whole life costs need to be considered before purchase decisions are made. Very often a slightly higher initial purchase cost can lead to a substantial reduction in the whole life cost of a machine. Power consumption is a significant factor in whole life costs and we focus on maximising the efficiency of our pumps to increase the customers ROI.

7. Looking at your company figures to date, you have shown growth every year. What are the reasons for prominent success every time?

In 2007 it was decided to significantly expand the world-wide sales of NETZSCH Pumpen und Systeme whilst maintaining profitability. To achieve this, each one of our 5 Business Fields developed a strategy to increase its sales based on a three tier core principle strategy model. Even during the recession years of 2008 and 2009 we were able to maintain or even expand our sales. Paper and Pulp was a key market within this strategy.

8. How else do you expect the market to change over the next couple of years? What role companies like yours play in the pulp and paper industry today?

The demand for paper based products will continue to grow over the next 3 to 5 years in our opinion. The rate of market expansion may slow a little over the levels we have recently experienced however we see a steady, if not spectacular, growth potential. Not being a driver as such to market trends it is our job to analyse market developments and react as swiftly to market variations.

9. Moving on to the industry, can you comment on the size and the growth potential of the industry? What are the key trends that you face in the market today?

Following the significant expansion in production in the Far East over the last few years the paper market has become ever more competitive. It will be more important than ever that paper producers can manufacture their products as efficiently and economically as possible. We expect the demand for new production to remain reasonably static, however the drive for ever increasing efficiency provides companies like ours the opportunity to increase our sales in after market activities.

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Internet portals and forums are becoming more and more important and having an established and respected platform such as Pulp and Paper Technology means that we can participate with confidence that a quality brand such as ours is receiving the attention for which we are looking.