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Mr. Gagan Sahni
About: Mr. Gagan Sahni - Exhibition Director

Mr. Gagan Sahni started his professional career with Godrej FMCG division but within one year got the chance to work for the exhibition industry. Then he Joined Tafcon as a trainee in 1999, worked for various shows, and after 11 years left as General Manager in 2010. Worked with ITEI, an Indian subsidiary of ITE Group plc, UK for last 8 years he had been associated with over 100 international events in last 19 years on various industries like Construction, Dairy & Food processing, Education, Engineering & Manufacturing, Environment, Metals, Machine Tools, Mining, Paper, Packaging, Poultry, Travel & Tourism, etc. Currently, Gagan Sahni is the Director- Business Development at Hyve India.

1. Tell us about ITE and what is the belief the organization solely operates on?

ITE is amongst the World’s Largest Exhibition and Conference Organizer. The company has presence in 16 Country with 28 offices and organizes more than 250 Business Exhibitions and Conferences across the Globe. The company has ambitious plans for further expansion in India and South East Asia ITE believes in Creating Markets for its exhibitors. Quality and Innovation are the sole factors which drives ITE’s business across the globe.

2. From events, expos and exhibitions - businesses and markets had experienced tremendous returns and expanding to different parts of globe. Also foreseeing the scope to be very wider in long run. Your view on this.

Events, Expos and Exhibitions have proved to be excellent business Platform for Technology Transfer, Face to Face Interaction, Business expansion, knowledge enhancement, apart from Showcasing product, technology and services to the focused trade visitors. The Scope for Business Events has huge potential across the globe. Apart from business transactions they also offer excellent networking opportunities. Not only Big Companies but now even the SME sector has also stated participating in business events to reach out to its target audience. This shows the growing significance of Business Events in facilitating trade and business transactions. Companies have also started using Business events for their Corporate Branding.

3. How big would be the Paperex this time, in terms of the total exhibition space, etc?

Paperex now in its 11th Edition and received an overwhelming response from world over and will repeat its success story. The event has been planned in 15 exhibition Halls covering 25,000 + sqmts Exhibition area with expected presence of over 550 leading Exhibitors from 25+ countries and focused trade visitors from 50 + countries

4. How many exhibitors have confirmed their participation as of now? And what is the target for this edition?

Almost all the leading companies have confirmed their participation at Paperex 2013. As of now we have 500 Confirmed at Paperex 2013. We are targeting 550 Exhibitors from 25 countries for this year’s Paperex.

5. Tell us something about the group participation from other countries?

A Special Thrust has been put on inviting International Participation for Paperex. This year we are having Group Participation from China, France, Germany and Taiwan.

6. Are you planning any new initiative for the Paper Industry?

We have taken an initiative to club the paper industry from world over as World Paper. WPF is a widely-felt need from the Indian paper industry as well as its global interlocutors, to bring together leaders, policy makers and thinkers to regularly review key issues as well as identify new opportunities for the overall growth of the paper and allied industries with a special focus on India. World Paper Forum is dedicated towards market development and dissemination of technical information in respect of Paper, Pulp and allied industries. As of today we have more than 600 members from 25 countries across the Globe.

7. What is the scope of activity of World Paper Forum?

World Paper Forum will organize world Paper congress in 2014 And other activities like Awards programme, CEO conclave. Apart, Global Buyer Seller meets for the industry

8. What efforts have been taken on marketing this fair in India as well as abroad?

We have support from all the major trade associations in India and abroad who are promoting this event. The event is being promoted from 28 offices across 16 countries. In India the event is being extensively promoted through Trade media and Mainline Media. Regular Direct Mailers are being sent at our database. Regular E-mailers are also being sent to our Visitor Database to promote the event. The event is also being promoted through Industry Associations who are supporting the event.

9. Established players and new entrants in events and exhibitions are making the industry and markets more vibrant. Your view on this and how is ITE handling the competition in terms of capturing the core of prospects?

Established players and new entrants are utilizing events and exhibitions for their branding and networking with the industry players. They are bringing unique concepts of product showcasing for extending the product experience. ITE has a research wing which keeps a track of the upcoming industry sectors and the expansion of the companies into new industry sectors. Based on the findings of our research team we plan new business events. ITE’s global reach helps us in reaching out to the leading industry players across the Globe. Our shows are marketed across the global offices of ITE group which gives us a cutting edge over our competitors.

10. How is ITE unique from other players in market?

ITE has a distinct edge over its competitors in terms of our reach across the globe. ITE group has more than 30 years of experience in organizing business events which helps in creating unique business platforms. Our Exhibitions are planned well in advance and we have our focus in ensuring the turnout of quality trade visitors. Innovations like Buyer Seller Meet and Conferences at exhibitions make our exhibitions different from our competitors.

11. Tell us about ITE’s expansion plans other than current 15 countries, or industry wise.

ITE has ambitious growth plans in south Asian Markets and are also introducing new shows. Recently we have launched Tissueex, exhibition on Tissue Paper, Machinery and allied industry. Tissueex is co-located with Paperex, World’s largest exhibition on Paper, Pulp and allied industries. We have also launched Paperex in Indonesia by the name of Paperex Indonesia

12. Enlighten us about current scenario of pulp and paper industry in India and abroad?

Indian Paper Industry has been showing a phenomenal growth. The Indian paper industry is expected to grow at a rate of ~6.4% CAGR to 15.5-16Mt up to FY17. India, the 15th largest paper manufacturer, is the world’s fastest growing paper market; producing however, only ~2.6% of its total output. The per capita consumption in India stands at only 9.3 kg as against 42 kg in China, 22 kg in Indonesia, 25 kg in Malaysia and 312 kg in the US. The Indian Paper Industry is classified into three main segments – Paperboard & Industrial Packaging (Paperboard) comprising ~45% of the industry, followed by Printing and Writing Paper (P&W), accounting for ~35% and Newsprint segment (Newsprint) covering ~20% of the domestic paper production.

13. What are the potential risks you perceive for this industry?

There are quite a few challenges to the Indian Paper Industry. The broad Challenges to the Paper Industry in India are listed below. Weakening of Rupee against Dollar has affected the imports thus affecting the competitiveness of the Indian Paper Industry. Increase in Raw Material, energy and financing cost has put enormous pressure on the cost of production. Lack of Power Supply to the Paper Manufacturing units is affecting the Paper Production. India has a large available pool of unskilled and skilled workforce and the advantage of very low manpower costs. The outdated labor laws, however, (some predating India’s independence) are not conducive to a sound operating environment.

14. Is there anything specific that could cause higher than expected growth or profitability for the pulp industry?

The Growth and Profitability in Pulp industry can be enhanced significantly by the government support. Indian Paper industry in the global markets is losing its competitiveness due to increased cost of imports. Government should provide tax benefits to companies which want to invest in Paper and Pulp industry. Upcoming sectors like tissue paper needs government support to sustain itself.

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