Luca Mazzotti
About: Luca Mazzotti - Operations Manager

Mr. Luca started his career as a Service Technician in Fosber America. He then joined Maflex S.R.L as Operations Manager & HR Director where he worked for 12 years. He is currently working as the Vice President of Maflex America, Inc.

1. Your company tagline reads, Maflex as a ‘Tissue Converting Specialist’. Which unique factors made Maflex a ‘Tissue Converting Specialist’?

Since 1997, MAFLEX has been making flexibility and passion some of its competitive advantages. Maflex began in the flexographic printing industry and then transitioned into specializing in complete tissue converting machinery. Now, all the start & stop and continuous lines have the distinctive element of modularity which allows for greater product development with minimum financial and time impacts.

2. Can you give us a brief overview of Tail Sealers applications?

During the past years, we have spent a lot of energy in R&D for the tail sealing section. MAFLEX now provides two tail sealers families: METIS and IVI.  The METIS family serves its primary application for the entry level needs by using nozzles as glue application device. IVI, on the other hand, is dedicated to the more demanding customer needs and uses a blade for the application. Performances are guaranteed up to 30 cycles/min and both cases are useful for AFH and consumer production.

3. Of all the products (Unwinders, Printing Units, Rewinders etc) that Maflex has developed, which one has been the biggest game-changer in the world of tissue converting machineries?

With the latest projects release, our engineering department really gave us 3 main products to be particularly proud of: LADON, internationally known as probably the best log saw for AFH production in the world.

HESPERIA 4 CHANNELS log saw, with the most innovative universal clamping system in the market was a project made in cooperation with Pisa University of engineering.

HERMES, our continuous rewinder, is equipped with FAZER system that allows to produce extra bulky rolls while ensuring the fastest log transfer experience both in AFH and consumer products.

The main theme of the entire MAFLEX product portfolio is continuous improvement, and it is a key to success in our 4.0 revolution.   

4. What are the most significant development initiatives that Maflex has undertaken this year?

MAFLEX R&D department is constantly involved in the tissue converting challenge, from the most basic component, up to the most complex line; the most important element is our PEOPLE.  We are not just a Company, we are a Team.

5. How do your ensure your customers satisfaction in providing best after-sales services and value-added benefits?

Listening to the customer to truly understand their needs. Giving quick responses. Be there whenever our customers need support. Providing the best after-sales experience.