BBA Biotech

About: Altheimer - co-founder and Managing Director

Founder and CEO of BBA ECOTECH and one of inventors of BATP®, with 30+ year experience in industrial biotechnologies, specialized in building businesses and managing a portfolio of new bio applications.

1. How was the idea of manufacturing products, which are safe and eco-sustainable, drafted? And how can your products improve the way of living and thinking?

Environmental sustainability has always been part of company’s DNA, all our efforts are aimed at optimizing processes and manufacturing products that reduce environmental impact or even promote environmental sustainability. Our products can be a valid alternative to traditional ones, they are fostering a renewed customers’ mentality and awareness and leading to responsible choices.

A concrete example is our BATP® Biologic Active Tissue Paper, a patented biotechnology applied to tissue paper that turns toilet paper to bioactive toilet paper, which cleans, sanitizes pipes, drains, sewages, neutralizes bad smells and does not need aggressive products.

We are always attentive to the raw materials we use, to reduce waste material and mainly to introduce innovation and technologies.

2. What does the “TISSUE WORLD SUSTAINABILITY AWARD” at TW Miami 2018 mean to you?

The award promoted by Tissue World is definitely the recognition of our mission and the remarkable convergence of our efforts. The award becomes particularly relevant for us, according to the fact that we are a small Italian company that reached a very good performance in an international field with several major competitors. It has been very important for a small company as we are, to participate to this event and win the award, as we could stand by our commitment of “doing business” focusing on social and environmental values. “Tissue World Sustainability Award” constitutes for us, a starting and not an endpoint aimed at a continuous improvement.

3. Which role do research and development play in the manufacturing of your products in terms of environmental sustainability?

As previously mentioned, environmental sustainability shall be a  transversally shared philosophy, which involves and interacts with every corporate context, starting from innovation, innovation’s research in raw materials to production’s processes.We always choose the best processes that guarantee low energy impact and low resources consumption.Through the continuous development of products and applications’ alternative to traditional chemistry, as BATP® is, we can find solutions to problems that have been so far managed with aggressive products or with high contraindications.

We develop safe and efficient solutions for sewage treatment, waste treatment, water treatment, all our biotechnologies come from nature and return to nature. Our effort is always to look beyond the limits and find new trends and make the difference. To guarantee the quality standards of our processes and the certification of our products, we entrust external worldwide known institutes, laboratories, and universities.

4. Can you shed some light on Bioremediation technology? How is it environmentally friendly?

Bioremediation: the answer is already in the word itself, bio=nature remediation=reclaim/recovery.

The bioremediation is a natural process that starts by specific microorganisms, which through a series of biochemical reactions, degrade organic substances and use them as nourishment substrate. The biological removal of pollutants from soil, sediments, rivers, sees, leads to the “depollution” of the polluted area.

The careful selection of microorganisms is essential for bioremediation. In our products, we can use a wide range of specific microorganisms for the degradation of the majority of already known pollutants (fats, hydrocarbons…) and accumulated pollutants. The application processes, that have been long since validated, allow the reclaim of the natural conditions in each treated area.

5. Are there any upcoming revolutionary developments for BBA Biotech down the lane in the pulp and paper Industry?

Sure, we do never stop; on one hand, we are working to improve the performances of products already on the market by increasing applications’ fields. On the other hand, we are developing new biotechnologies to be applied in Pulp and Paper and Cardboard industry, in Composting, in Adult Care and maintaining our guideline that always contemplates efficient natural solutions and eco-sustainable alternatives to traditional chemical products.