How Does B2B Platform Help Pulp and Paper Industries Growth?

B2B digital marketing is increasing rapidly, B2B for pulp and paper industry is also growing at the same pace. Pulp and Paper technology B2B platform is the best example to witness the evolutionary pattern and the fast paced changes in the industry.

Our B2B platform for pulp and paper products/suppliers will empower buyers and suppliers to experience a wider choice among all opportunities across the globe. Our pulp and paper B2B platform is aimed bringing buyers and suppliers of all sizes across the globe at the same level and act as a initiator for business transaction among them.

"According to a study from Forrester Research, e-commerce sales will experience a 4.1 percent increase, climbing from 12.9 percent to 17 percent, by 2022."

Value Drivers for B2B Pulp and Paper Industry

With an ever increasing demand from the customers for newer solutions,  B2B pulp and paper industry is challenged to get highly competitive and is expected to come-up with innovative forms of solutions. Needless to say, the service model of the industry has seen a sea change not only at the production and plant level, but also at the delivery and order fulfillment  level.

Pulp and Paper technology platforms like ours is a way forward for ensuring that not only your products get the required attention across the market, but also get the relevant customer enquiries. The services that make us achieve this are listed below -

  • Product Showcasing and promotions
  • SEO, SMM and SEM
  • CRM Integrated Lead Generation
  • E-Mail Marketing (to an active subscribers list)
  • E-Newsletter Presence
  • Online Banner Advertising
  • Webinars
  • Newsletter Sponsorship

Product Showcasing and promotions:

One of the major B2B activity is to showcase the clients products. Clients believe that state-of-the-art and leading-edge products are the best quality because they know manufacturers and suppliers move forward with advancements better than the previous products. Updating the products list from time to time gains the costumers  attention.

Pulp and Paper Technology has specified categories to list out your products where your products meet the client, whose looking for it.


Search engine optimization, Social media management and Search engine marketing are the key revolutionary marketing tools to an effective outcome. Our expert team will assist your products with relevant keywords and promote them on vast streams of social media platforms ensuring the product is found by the right people.

CRM Integrated Lead Generation:

We support the lead generation system with an integrated CRM approach. CRM leads have high potential to convert into a sale. Our module verifies the lead and identifies the supplier who can provide the requirement. By our CRM's predictive customer analysis tools, we can find out, who are your ideal customers. With the help of data mining techniques, we can spot the customer behaviour and provide you with genuine leads.

E-Mail Marketing:

Email marketing is an effective resource of marketing, boosting brand awareness and increasing brand loyalty among the clients. E-mail marketing strengthens your brand by raising its visibility and increase brand value.

Email marketing help you achieve your marketing goals by sending out emails that is just more than another sales pitch. Our E-mail marketing features the ability to send bulk email messages, some modules of layout or template system and simple list management. Our marketing strategists observes, identifies and analyzes the target market and set specific marketing goals for your email advertisement.


Newsletters are the life force of the marketing campaign. Customers are curious to learn about the latest in their industry, many customers have subscribed to our e-newsletters and look forward to our informative edition, which we publish periodically. Upon our association, we shall give you widespread coverage in our e-newsletters, which can give an incredible mileage to your business.

Online Banner Advertising:

We provide banner advertising services, where we strategically position your brand and company advertisings, to create more brand awareness. Complying with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standard sizes, the banner gives you the right space to showcase your company's products and service offerings. A prominent and good position across our website includes search results to your products page and create more value proposition to your investment.


A webinar is an evolving marketing strategy presenting online seminars to develop deeper connections with prospects. The webinar's main concept includes brand awareness through consistent promotion of the products and services targeting a specific audience. Webinar allows you to build an audience in the form of viewers or even other people on your panel. You can get guests on your every meeting to talk about anything related to your market. The guests themselves can serve as new leads and could bring in business.

Newsletter Sponsorship:

Newsletter sponsorship is a platform that provides the great revenue opportunity and a marketing opportunity to reach to a new set of audience.

One of the big advantages of sponsorship is a brand association which make you stand different among the competitors. Our pulp and paper technology adds a special touch to the sponsored newsletters looking beyond the ‘traditional’ form of sponsorship.

Some of the biggest B2B brands in the world are using sponsorships in increasingly innovative ways to make sure they’re engaging with their future clients.

B2B for paper industry growth

We help pulp and paper industry related companies make sound strategic choices about where and how to compete and identify the most attractive opportunities to grow. Deeper research at both your existing markets as well as new areas, help us to identify your growth opportunities. The following factors help in development of industrial growth.

Reputation Management:

Online reputation management is the most important influence in the digital marketing era. 81% of the B2B buyer's research before buying, which will also include analyzing the online reputation of the relevant organizations. For example, Rolls Royce is a symbol of luxury it does not mean that all other car manufacturers maintain the same equal luxury in their cars, but it's all about the reputation they built in the market. Many companies without knowing this they spend millions of dollars on SEO, SMM and paid search campaigns for unworthiness. 92% of the consumers trust the peer reviews, a negative review can sway your lead to your competitor. Maintaining reputation will make new clients prefer you the most.

Market expansion:

Market expansion growth strategy or Market development help you sell the current products in the new markets. Pulp and Paper Technology analyzes the growth factors in the new markets and ensures your expansion. The expansion into the new markets increases the sales and profits for the company.

Product development:

Adding new features to the product increases its sales. Also, adding new products to the profile will increase the profits. A product growth strategy will help when technology starts to change. Market research is essential to the company to know technological changes of the products in the market and also, should know whether the consumers in the market would like the new product.


The global B2B online payments market is estimated at more than $38 trillion. Digital B2B payments are increasing with the increase in digital payment methods. As digital payments are progressive, more companies converting their payments to digital in one or the other way. Success in Business-to-business (B2B) marketing requires developing buyer personas, our success team is well experienced in it and provides the utmost service to the clients. To develop your business, join today with Pulp and Paper Technology and get listed.