Cost regulation in pulp and paper industry and outcomes

The pulp and paper industry is one of the largest manufacturing sectors in the world and it is representing as its strength for economy. The outcomes from pulp and paper industry are like paper and insulation to businesses across the world and paperboard. This also involves regulations and critics from activist groups which have to be faced by industry at a great deal.

There are two categories for these complaints those are leveled across the industry are unsafe working conditions and negative environmental impacts. This brought the industry into normal inconsistency by the environmental protection agency and occupational safety and health administration, beside these there are some individual interest groups.

The above discussed entities often unable to realize the great strides and in this process, these will skip the growth has made from pulp and paper industry end since past decades. With the improved technologies paper and pulp industry has reduced its sludge emission and shown the decline in air pollutants significantly.

The major pollutants from the industry are like carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxides are combining reduced by up to 60 percent and other particulate matter has reduced up to 90 percent respectively. Therefore the pulp and paper industry in worldwide has taken a pace action towards reduction of pollutants from emission sludge with the national standards.

Another major transforming step observed here is the industry drastically reduced the pollution level of water used in the manufacturing process of pulp and paper by adopting solid waste incinerators. More beneficially, among the period of 1994 and 2010 the injuries that happens in workplace in industry has dramatically reduced in faster rate than the general for the private industries and it is to understand that the security and protesting in industry has keenly focused by the industry. The rate of decline in injury is recorded as 10 percent approximately and annual injuries have gone to 3 from 100, whereas for private sector the decline rate 6 percent.

Despite these achievements and the surpassing the rest of private sector, employees from pulp and paper industry are still facing problems with the burdening regulations. The recent report was saying that pollution abatement operating costs from the pulp and paper industry is nearly 10 billion dollars in 2012 on capital expenditure. Apart from that, operating costs for abatement of pollution is nearly 5 billion dollars. At last, researchers found that the cost in the pulp and paper industry was 1700 dollars approximately per year per employee whereas it is nearly 750 million dollars per year.