Reliable cleaning of New York’s iconic Beekman Tower ensured by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

Developing a cleaning gondola to handle the undulating bays and folds of Manhattan’s Beekman Tower – designed by the prestigious architect Frank Gehry – was a challenge which has been successfully met by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS and the Spanish firm GinD. NORD supplied the geared motors and frequency inverters used in the gondola, working closely with GinD, a company specializing in the design, manufacture, and installation of custom systems for maintaining building façades.

Illustration 1: Equipped with NORD drives, the GinD system cleans the complex fa-çade of the Beekman Tower in Manhattan which was designed by Frank Gehry. At 265 meters, the Beekman Tower is the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere. However, what really makes it stand out is its design – the waves of stainless steel on the outside that, by reflecting the changing light, transform the appearance of the building during the course of the day. Completely asymmetric, with no two sections the same, it is undoubtedly one of the most complex façades ever constructed. The many curves and folds make it very difficult to access the windows by gondola

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