Vaas Industries Pvt Ltd

Vaas Industries Pvt Ltd

73 Industrial Estate Perungudi
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AboutVaas Industries Pvt Ltd

VAAS is a dedicated, ISO 9001 Company established in 1984 in Chennai, India in technical and financial collaboration with a leading US Manufacturer. The name "VAAS" expands to "Valves, Actuators, Automation & Solutions


VAAS has an extensive list of satisfied customers from various industry sectors like Thermal Power, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Cement, Carbon Black, Steel, Chemical & Petrochemical and Water & Wastewater worldwide spanning all continents from South America to Australia.



In Pulp& Paper Industry (Wood based, Non-wood Agro based such as Bamboo, Cereal Straws, Bagasse, Waste & Recycled), various types of VAAS Uni-Directional & Bi-Directional Knife Gate Valves ranging from 2" to 60" find applications right from Digester Feed, Washing, Cleaning, Bleaching (both Hypo & Cl O2 process), Final high density pulp tower, Stock preparation, Head box up to Wet & Dry end driers, Effluent Treatment plants, and in sludge thickening. In VAAS, Uni-Directional & Bi-Directional Valves are categorized as 900 Series & 700 series.  Model Nos. FIG950, FIG940, FIG960 (Uni-Directional) & FIG740, FIG752, FIG780 (Bi-Directional) generally find applications in Pulp& Paper Industry. In particular FIG780, a two-piece, bolted body, through-going O-port Bi-Directional valve is the best answer in tough applications like High -Density Cleaners, reject recycled paper stock in De-inking plants. Vaas’ Uni-Directional Valve range also has V-Port Knife Gate Valves which can control high consistency pulp.