Sam Turbo Industry Private Limited

Sam Turbo Industry Private Limited

Avinashi Road
Neelambur, Coimbatore
Tamil Nadu - 641 062

AboutSam Turbo Industry Private Limited

 Sam Turbo Industry Private Limited are in the field of designing, manufacturing, supplying and servicing pumps for essential industries in India since 1971. Today SAM is an acknowledged leader in its industries and continues to combine innovative design and material with most advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure unequalled quality and reliability.


The product range includes Horizontal and Vertical Pumps with open, closed, semi-open, open, non- cloggimpeller construction suitable for Pulp & Paper Industries. SAM has wide range of pumps suitable to handle all kinds of liquids in these industries.


In over 40 years of experience in pump manufacturing, we have made several improvements / modifications in our pumps to suit the Customer's requirements and give them optimum services.  Sam Turbo Industry Private Limited has got wide range of paper stock pumps giving you highest efficient pumps to consume lowest power. It has replaced several other makes of pumps with high energy efficiency paper stock pumps in various Paper Mills.


Any pump is only as good as the material it is made from and SAM standards could accept only castings from our own foundry. SAM has got captive steel foundry producing castings of 500 MT / month. SAM has got spectrovac and the alloying is adjusted to stringent metallurgical specifications to ensure precise chemical composition.


SAM produces materials confirming to IS, ASTM, JIS, AFNOR, and BS Standards like graded Cast Iron, CA 15,CA 40,LCB,WCB,CF8 (SS-304), CF8M (SS-316), CF3M (SS-316L), CG8M (SS-317), CG3M (SS-317L), SS 2324,CD4MCUN,CD6MN, CE8MN, ALLOY-20,CN7MS, 904L, HAST ALLOY-C, B, HAST ALLOY G-30,Nihard-IV,HiChrome-550BHN,SANICRO28,CA6NM,R55, UB55,WORTHITE,NORIDOR,UB6,ALLOY 2205,904 L etc.


It is not out of place to mention here that we have major market share in pulp and paper mills in India. We are also exporting our paper stock pumps and our pumps are running in Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Vietnam, Tanzania,-S.Africa, Crown Paper Mills-Dubai, Bangladesh, Nairobi and many mills in Kenya.


SAM also supplies with MEDIUM CONSISTENCY PUMPS up to 12% consistency and our pumps are running in KHANNA, TRIDENT, STAR, SUBBURAJ, BILT, SATAIA, SRI KRISHNA, ANAND TRIPLEX ETC.


SAM manufactures FAN pumps with staggered vane design to minimize the pulsation. Our pumps are running in Shree Krishna Paper for 2100 m3/hr /15m , BILT for 1680 m3/hr/ 28m.andfor 2052 M3/HR / 30M.