middle east paper.co.(mepco)

middle east paper.co.(mepco)

As Surooriyah district, Al-Khumrah, Jeddah – Saudi Arabia P.O Box 32913 Jeddah 21438, Saudi Arabia

AboutMiddle east paper.co.(mepco)

Who we are

MEPCO is considered to be one of the largest producers of paperboard in the Middle East, with a production capacity of half a million metric tons.

The company produces a diverse range of CONTAINERBOARD grades (High Performance Fluting, Test Liner, Semi-Chemical Fluting, Kraft Liner Board, Dual Use & White Top Test Liner) along with other grades of INDUSTRIAL PAPER (Core board, Plasterboard Liner, & Absorbent Kraft) on three paper machines.

MEPCO’s strategic location and proximity to Jeddah sea port provides the company with the ability to deliver its products to a wide array of markets within a very short lead time. The company is present mainly in the Middle East, North & East Africa along with the Indian Subcontinent and a few European Markets.

MEPCO is intensely investing in research and development, to provide a wide range of prime quality and innovative products to its loyal partners and customers.

MEPCO core values are to provide high-quality products for its clients, and to contribute environmental preservation and to meet the market needs.

Since the beginning MEPCO has been conscious of preserving our environment.

Recycling waste paper and transforming it into its various state of the art products.

Concern for the environment is extend to all aspects related to the productionprocess, starting from water treatment, utilizing renewable chemical additives, and ending with an endless effort to keep our world green.

CEO's Message

Corporate Message from MEPCO CEO Eng. Sami Al Safran:

I am pleased to inform you, our employees, shareholders and stakeholders of the emphasis I place on Corporate Social Responsibility.MEPCO believes it is our corporate social responsibility to demonstrate environmental stewardship and promote sustainability as we predominantly a recycling industry and uses waste paper as major raw material for production of its product and hence use of the natural resources like virgin fibers coming from forest wood are not there. These help to prevent any adverse impact to environment.Using recycled water to 100% again is major step where by natural fresh water from well etc. are not used and the activity supports the environment positively.Our initiative for the sustainable development are in various aspects which includes to reducing fresh water consumption, reducing fiber consumption, Effective disposal of liquid waste, Effective disposal of solid waste, Reduce oil consumption and Eliminate environmental hazards. Besides the community has benefited in terms of poverty alleviation through establishing deeper network of waste paper collection in and across the kingdom, whereby the concerned poor/ deprived persons get benefited.MEPCO remains focused on serving our customers and honoring our commitments to our shareholders. At the same time, customers, investors, employees, and communities are increasingly looking to us to help deal with complex environmental challenges. In today’s world, it is imperative that we deal effectively with the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits. To that end, we intend to continually promote a culture of environmental sustainability that not only cascades throughout our organization, but expands beyond our facilities to our ecosystem of business partners, customers, and community.We invite you to learn more about our commitment to sustainable practices and responsible products and services.Sincerely,Eng. Sami Al SafranCEO

Vision & Mission


MEPCO aims to become a leading integrated paper and packaging player in the Middle East and Africa delivering outstanding quality at optimal costs.


  • Our mission is to be the preferred supplier of quality paper and packaging products to our marketplace.

  • We will understand our customers’ needs to deliver a diverse and innovative product portfolio.

  • We will lead motivated employees to optimize the use of information, raw materials, technology and assets.

  • We will do this in an ethical way that both add maximum value to our business partners’ success and positively affect our employees, shareholders, company and the community.