Jagenberg Paper GmbH

Jagenberg Paper GmbH

K2 Tower Kleinewefersstraße 1 47803 Krefeld

AboutJagenberg Paper GmbH

Jade-Pack is a German manufacturer of innovative and sustainable paper and cardboard for the packaging industry. The multi-layer laminates we manufacture have barrier properties, are water- and grease-repellent and come with absolutely no or only minimal use of polymers. At the same time, they are able to achieve relevant savings in packaging weight.

Our customers use our products for food packaging, fruit and vegetable trays, fast food applications, compartments, intermediate layers and much more. We develop the intelligent composite materials of tomorrow: fundamentally recyclable, highly functional, based on renewable and recycled raw materials. Where necessary, we use fresh fiber papers for direct food contact as a component of multi-layer laminates. In our product.

overviews for food and industry Solutions, you can download fact sheets on all standard products directly and contact our experts. In addition, we develop - often together with our customers - sustainable, individual, functional products based on cardboard. All of the composites we manufacture are made with maximum sustainability in mind.