Sam Turbo Industry Private Limited

Sam Turbo Industry Private Limited

Avinashi Road
Neelambur, Coimbatore
Tamil Nadu - 641 062


Equipped with a Captive Steel Foundry With a Capacity of 450 MT/month


The axial split volute case pumps have been developed for the most exacting conditions and can be used for multitude operations such as pumping crude oil, oil and hydrocarbons. Further, it can also be used to pump river water, hot water and black water. The design features an axial split.

Operating Range

  1. Delivery Size: DN 50 to 700 mm
  2. Capacity: Up to 4000m³ /hr
  3. Head: Up to 140 m
  4. Temperatures: Up to 220° C
  5. Pressure: Up to 40 bar

Design Features

  1. Axial split, single stage
  2. Double suction, radial impeller
  3. High reliability & vibration free performances
  4. Gland packing / mechanical seal
  5. Reverse rotation available


  1. Water, Fire-fighting
  2. Fan pump, stock feed, stock circulation, centri-cleaner application in pulp & paper mills
  3. Storm water, irrigation
  4. Industries transfer works