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Feltest Equipment BV

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AboutFeltest Equipment BV


Feltest Equipment started in 1992, develops measuring instruments and tools which help to improve the performance of Paper Machine Clothing, like forming fabrics, press felts and dryer screens. Feltest products are used world-wide by all major Paper Machine Clothing companies.


Feltest Equipment has its own instrument himself, originally known as caliper gauge, nowadays called the Feltest caliper gauge "Classic". 


Feltest's equipment and tools aims to improve paper machine runnability, paper quality and Paper Machine Clothing life. In turn helping the Pulp & Paper mills and the Paper Machine Clothing manufacturers save natural resources and improve the safety for their operators.


Feltest Equipment BV is a smaller company with an excellent knowledge of the Paper Industry and Paper Machine Clothing in particular, Feltest fully understands the requirements and can respond to that in a flexable way. At Feltest, sales & product development is done by engineers who dealt with the typical demands and circumstances of the paper industry every day. This extensive experience guarantees that all products are best suited for their application.


Feltest tools and safety products

Working on and around paper machines can be a hard job. Feltest has developed several products to improve the safety and efficiency of the operators. For example:

Feltest Capto - the fabric clamp / puller that is used all over the world! The Capto has been exclusively designed for the installation of Paper Machine Clothing, from delicate forming fabrics to heavy press felts. The Capto improves the handling of the fabrics and makes the installation easier and safer.

Feltest Body Cooling - there is only one cooling vest that is so easy to use and effective for such a long time: Feltest Body Cooling! Just soak the vest in a bucket of water for 45 minutes and enjoy a lower body core temperature for several hours or even several days. Feltest Body cooling improves safety by decreasing the dehydration and improving the concentration level.

Feltest products for forming fabrics

The forming section of the paper machine very much determines the properties of the end-product: paper or board. Feltest has several products that help to analyse problems or support in improving the process.

Feltest Fiber Scan - The Feltest Fiber Scan is a portable drainage meter that can be used at almost any position in the forming section. Measure the amount of water in the sheet before and after each drainage element and you have a perfect picture of how the drainage is progressing through the forming section.

Feltest Caliper Profiler and TensioMaster or digital Tensio+ - The drainage of the wire is also very much influenced by the mechanical properties of the wire; especially calliper (or thickness) and fabric tension. The Feltest Caliper Profiler and mechanical TensioMaster or digital Tensio+are instruments to check these fabric properties on the fly!

Feltest RealSpeed - With the Feltest Real Speed one can measure (not calculate!) the speed of the fabric and check, for example, if the top and bottom fabric are really running at identical speeds.

Feltest products for press felts

When it comes to optimizing Paper Machine Clothing performance, press felts with all their variations and possibilities are probably the most complicated category.

Feltest AirSpeed/2 and Feltest RealVac - Press felt permeability is easily checked with the Feltest AirSpeed/2. This instrument measures the velocity of the air flowing through the felt while running over the Uhle (suction) box. When you also know the exact vacuum (Feltest RealVac) and the thickness (Feltest Caliper Profiler) you can easily check if your there is a risk of rewetting of the sheet (felt is too open) or crushing (felt is too closed) and whether you need to either wash or replace the felt.

Feltest Aequo - The moisture profile in the press felt must be carefully monitored as it clearly affects the moisture profile of the sheet. The new Feltest Aequo (introduction early 2013) and Feltest PresScanare the most affordable instruments in the market that help you setting up the press section just right.

Feltest products for dryer fabrics

Feltest RealSpeed - Especially in the dryer section it is extremely important for all fabrics to run at the correct speed as even the smallest speed differences can destroy the sheet surface. The Feltest RealSpeed is the best tool to check each individual position. But where do these speed differences come from? Very often a faulty entry of a roll diameter in the Drive Control System (DCS) is the cause. The revs of the roll are measured on-line but then multiplied with a faulty roll circumference resulting in fabric that is actually running on a different speed then the DCS shows you. Another common reason is slip of the fabrics over the driven rolls or cylinders. Regular tension measurements with the digital Feltest Tensio+ or mechanical Feltest TensioMaster give a good insight on how the canvas is performing, as the tension also strongly affects the water evaporation of the sheet.

Feltest products for visual inspection

Every paper maker knows that the devil is in the details. 'Freezing the picture' once in a while is a necessity to control the process. Feltest offers two stroboscopes and a very handy digital microscope to study those details.

Feltest Power Strobe - a portable stroboscopewith a very powerful, focussed light beam.With the Power Strobe you will get crystal clear picture up to 5 meters distance.You can check the forming sections turbulence, dewatering of a press roll or sheet flattering over the full width of the machine.

Feltest PocketStrobe LED - a compact and ultra-portable stroboscope that it is completely waterproof (IP67). It has enough lighting power for a thorough inspection of the fabric and sheet edges, up to 1 meter distance.

Feltest DigiMicro - a small stroboscope with a superb optical magnification of 200x and its own TFT display is ideal for a quick inspection of forming fabric wear and 1000 other jobs.