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Cascade Italia S.r.l.

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AboutCascade Italia S.r.l.

Established in 1943, Cascade Corporation operates in Portland, Oregon, and has over the years become the global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of materials handling attachments, forks, accessories and related technologies.


With operations and production strategically located all around the world, Cascade's unmatched service, support and expertise-along with its advanced damage reduction technology, flexible manufacturing, short lead times and quality products-strengthen Cascade's position as the premier supplier to the pulp and paper industries worldwide.


Cascade Total Solutions


Cascade's wide range of products includes Paper Roll Clamps, Tissue Clamps, Bale Clamps, Pulp Bale Clamps, Recycling Clamps, Carton Clamps, Forks, Rotators, Push/Pulls, Sideshifters, Multiple Load Handlers, and Fork Positioners, just to name a few.


Cascade's employees work across the continents to share their experience developing products. When a port in Sweden needed giant paper roll clamps to handle eight rolls at a time without damage, Cascade's hydraulic experts in Oregon worked with the structural design team in The Netherlands to design the ultimate Cascade Tower Clamp. Such is Cascade's dedication to its clients.


Cascade Paper Roll Clamps meet the industry's need for damage-free roll handling with maximum efficiency regardless of diameter, weight or type of paper. H-Series Paper Roll Clamps, for example, are designed with a thin pad profile to eliminate damage while knifing in between rolls in containers, trailers and rail cars.


Cascade's 170G Pulp Bale Clamp handles up to 24 pulp and scrap paper bales up to 14,300 lbs (6,500 kg). The thin arm profile allows for damage-free knifing between tightly stacked bales, while the spring-loaded, pinless hinge design provides a thinner arm, reduces noise and has fewer components to enhance ease of serviceability.


Deliver a Perfect Roll Every Time


Cascade invented the first convex contact pad for Tissue Clamps more than 20 years ago, after recognizing the need for a scientific approach to handle low-density paper,. Ongoing research and a culture of continuous improvement has revolutionized the industry and enables Cascade to consistently release innovative attachments and effective damage control solutions for tissue paper producers.


We offer a variety of base solutions, taking the many variables into account, and design customized Tissue Clamps specific to each customer's application. Using mathematical models that fine-tune the pad size, and by calculating the paper density, we invented several unique pad types, with custom shapes and sizes, to meet the demanding needs of the industry. Additionally significant, we provide the expertise to help users choose which pad will be best suited for their requirements.


Cascade pads hold rolls securely with minimal clamp force, resulting in a reduction of roll out-of-roundness and subsequent paper damage. Our unique herringbone pattern allows paper to glide and flow over the pad in both horizontal and vertical directions.


We also offer a complete line of damage reduction solutions, including the award winning HFC - Hydraulic Force Control. HFC is an automatic system that adjusts clamp pressure depending on load weight to ensure you deliver a perfect roll every time.


Considering the rising cost of paper, it is increasingly more important to get the most from every roll. From the largest operations who use Cascade's AFC - Adaptive Force Control to increase run speed by ensuring round rolls in the corrugators, to the smallest applications thatrequire special arm range configurations to reduce waste through handling small butts, we have solution that works for you. To retain our position at the forefront of the industry, we are currently researching and developing additional damage reduction options to make your paper handling process more cost effective and efficient.