Bajrang Industries

Bajrang Industries

Plot No.127
Road No.5, Phase-I
G.I.D.C., Kathwada

AboutBajrang Industries

Bajrang Industries located in Ahmedabad was established in the year of 2003 and is ventured into the business of pulp and paper cleaning equipments. The company vast product range includes Centricleaner Tube Assembly, Fiber Saver, High Density Cleaner Tube Assembly, Doctor Holder Assembly, Doctor Blades, S.S. Shower Pipe, and S.S. Shower Nozzles.

Centri Cleaner

Bajrang Centricleaner is designed and manufactured from high quality SS 304 & 316 sheets for highly efficient removal of light particles such as sand, bark and shives, The design and finishing has proved a high cleaning efficiency. The Centricleaner is also polished from inside for high cleaning efficiency and outside for better finish and good look, The quality and workmanship pays off in unbeatable long term performance and life. The Centricleaner is provided in different capacities as per the choice of the users. The normal capacities available are from 300 lpm to 1500 lpm.

High Density Cleaner

Bajrang High Density Cleaner takes care of particles and removes them from the suspension accordingly. The particles unwanted that have higher density than the pulp, such as stones screws, nails, staples and pebbles are effectively removed from the pulp and collected in the reject chamber. The reject chamber is provided with a glass, which helps to observe the rejection collected in the chamber. The lower part of the cone is provided with a conical sight glass. Between the cleaner and reject chamber there is an on-off valve is provided. The high density cleaner is supplied as per the choice of the users. The normal capacities available are from 500 lpm. - To 3000 lpm.


Abhi Industrial Corporation offers superior range of Showers to its clients. These Showers ensure that the water is sprayed uniformly over the wire. The Shower system is also fitted with a brush assembly which helps in proper cleaning of the shower. The brush assembly consists of set of nylon brushes and a hand wheel. Showers are designed in such a manner that their interference does not restrict the flow of water through the nozzles

Pulp Valve

Bajrang Industries, offers Pulp Valves. (Plate Valve) which are carefully designed to offer unrestricted smooth flow of viscous Fluids, recesses free straight passage orifice offers minimum body contact of line fluid, avoids accumulation of viscous fluid in the orifice ensures unaltered velocity.

Bajrang Industries Pulp Valve is widely used in sugar industries for handling molasses, isolation of pulp and fibrous material in paper industries. The company’s Pulp Valve is ideally suitable for hopper isolation in the cement industries. For corrosive slurries in the chemical industries, powder application minerals and metal industries, coal ash with abrasive particle in the coal and mining industries.


Bajrang offers nozzle-spray showers available with in-built cleaning device and have been in successful operation for many years in the pulp, paper, board and chemical Industry.

The advantages of nozzles are these nozzles can be used in freshwater, clear-water and backwater applications. These nozzles saves freshwater and are known for low water consumption. Immediate cleaning of the nozzles during operation while removing dirt at the same time. The nozzles are made of high molybdenum stainless steel and are available in a variety of sizes and types to suit all shower applications. It is easy to alter the type of nozzle (fan-jet and needle-jet) as well as nozzle size.