Corrugated board packaging is developing at a fast pace, quite unaffected by any crises. This product segment will continue to experience unprecedented growth in future as well. As the result of a survey of manufacturers, converters and suppliers, PTS has ascertained thematic priorities for the entire corrugated board value chain.


The phenomenon that substances migrate into the food from the food packaging is a multi-layered problem in the true sense of the word. In addition to the raw materials and auxiliary substances used in papermaking, additional substances that are added during the converting operation are also introduced into the finished product. A certification of the safety of foodstuffs for human consumption is indispensable.

Focussing on Corrugated Board

PTS has a long tradition of high-level expertise in research, development, consultancy and analysis in corrugated board packaging.

Photographic Activity Test – PAT

The Photographic Activity Test (short PAT) is an established – and meanwhile also internationally standardised – method for evaluating the archival quality of materials.

Developing paper and board with vegetable by-products

Making paper from nutshells, board from straw, crates from pomace, tubes from hop ...

Avoiding undesirable substances in food packaging

PTS offers reliable measurements of mineral oil content by GC/FID as well as migration analyses.

Product development Balemat

Together with our suppliers and partners from other mills, we are using the data collected by the Balemat to improve the quality of our raw material supply.

DOMASmultispec - Modern image analysis for the paper industry

DOMASmultispec is a modern modular imagae anaylsis system, that can record, process and analyse multispectral data, recorded using a scanner or camera, to supplement optical images.

Case Study

Measuring parameters: ash, moisture, share of sorted graphics for deinking, newsprint/magazine ratio, shares of packaging papers (corrugated board, cartons etc.), plastics, flexoprinted newspapers

PTS Paper Bale Sensor

An immediate check of the recovered paper quality in the receiving area makes it possible to react promptly by lodging a complaint or by reducing the value of the delivery.