Rotary Pulp Moulding Plant

SODALTECH - Manufacturers and exporters of pulp moulding machinery to produce egg trays, fruit trays, seed pots, hospital disposables. The fully-automatic paper pulp molding machines rotary type meet large scale production of egg trays & fruit trays while the reciprocating type egg tray plant suits well to individual poultry farms.

Paper Tube & Core Production Line

Our Expertise In Understanding What The Clients Want, Helps Us To Meet Their Expectation Levels In Terms Of Quality Standards. This Enhances Our Credibility And Makes Us One Of The Most Successful Manufacturers And Suppliers In The Industry.

Fully Automatic Paper Cone Production Line

Our Modern Automatic Paper Cone Plant Can Produce Paper Cones In Different Sizes As Required. Paper Cones Can Be Manufactured To Suit Various Applications. The Popular Size Of The Paper Cones In The Present Textile Industry Are 9°15', 5°57', 4°20', 3°30', Etc. High Performance Automatic Line Produces Cones With Output Upto 50 Pieces Per Minute.

Paper Tube & Core Production Line

This production line is used to manufacture cylindrical Fibre Drums using Kraft Board. These drums are used to pack bulk drugs, chemicals, dyes, pharmaceuticals, engineering, consumer goods, adhesives etc. In Textile Mills the fibres are also transported through these drums.

Edge Protector Production Line

We are Manufacturers and exporters of edge protector making machine. We can supply complete plant for edge protector production line. Paper Edge Protector production Line is used to produce L shape paper edge protector and U shape protector. Edge Boards / Corner Boards / Angle boards / Edge protection boards.

Composite Can Machinery

K.U. Sodalamuthu And Company Private Limited Has Been The Pioneer In The Field Of Automatic Paper Conversion Machinery For Textile Paper Cones, Paper Tubes, Paper Cores, Composite Cans, Fibre Drums, Paper Recycling, Pulp Moulding. It Is The Largest Indian Manufacturer & Exporter Of Paper Conversion Machinery, Under Its Brand Name- Sodaltech And Has 44 Years Of Experience And Expertise In This Field.