Pulp Moulding Production Line

SODALTECH manufactures various models and types of Machines, Equipment, Spare Parts needed mainly to manufacture Paper Pulp Moulded products generally made from Waste Boxes, Papers, Indian Pulp, Taiwan Pulp, Korean Pulp, Canada Pulp, China Pulp, Thailand Pulp, Indonesia Pulp, Southern Pulp etc

Paper Tube Winder

This machine is used to manufacture thin, medium walled paper tubes and cores for tissue rolls, fax rolls etc.

Paper Core Winder

This heavy duty Spiral Paper Core winder is suitable to produce thick walled cores for various applications like reel cores, film winding cores, carpet cores etc.

Fibre Drum Machinery

This production line is used to manufacture cylindrical Fibre Drums using Kraft Board. These drums are used to pack bulk drugs, chemicals, dyes, pharmaceuticals, engineering, consumer goods, adhesives etc.

Edge Protector Machine

The Edge Protector Making Plant is made heavy duty to produce high strength paper edge protectors and U Profile channels which are very ideal to prevent damages to edges of various palletized goods and circular goods like paper reels, steel coils etc.

Composite Can Production Line

The main salient feature of this production line is its high performance with low maintenance cost. The composite cans making machinery comes with other optional equipment for producing composite cans.

Can Flanging Machine

To make flanging at the ends of the can for firm holding and crimping of the lid.

Automatic Cone Making Machine with Cone Drier (German Model)

Highly versatile to produce cone tapers 5°57',4°20',3°30' etc.

Automatic Cone Finishing Machine

All integrated finishing operations performed by a single machine automatically