uploads products technical specs TECH TS AdsorptionChiller

  • Ultra low electricity consumption
  • Zero ozone depletion potential
  • No dangerous chemicals
  • Very few moving parts


uploads product technical specs TECH TS Victory plu

  • A totally self contained unit
  • CNC fabricated unit(s) with powder coated finish
  • Rotor media has high performance metal silicate synthesized in situ
  • Rotor incorporated robust internal structure with stainless steel perimeter flange for industrial quality, durability and easy serviceability    
  • Unit is compatible with both 100 mm and 200 mm deep rotors
  • Rotor perimeter flange extends media and seal life
  • Edge hard face coating on rotor ensures long life and good sealing for media and seals  

uploads products technical specsTECH Technical Specifications DAP Series

  • Bry air, air purification Honeycomb bed recirculation/ pressurization units (DAP) are the self-contained units.
  • Bry air purification system removes both organic and inorganic contaminants from the air and suppliers air free of contaminant gases to the controlled environments.
  • Robust structural CNC fabricated construction, painted unit
  • Pre filter, 2” deep, 20 % efficiency, ASHARAE standard filtration
  • Post fine filter, 4” deep. Efficiency : 99 % down to 5 micron ASHRAE standard. 

uploads productz technical specs TECH Tech FFB

•Suitable for continuous operation
•Auto / manual selector switch
•Power on, heater on and fault status indications
•Independent blower and motor for each airflow 
•Volume control damper for both ( process & reactivation) air flow