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Industrial Service

Industrial Service



  • Precision grindings
  • Mechanical service and complete overhaul






On site grinding and thermal coatings of Yankee Cylinders, Can Dryers and Winding Drums



FOCUS PRODUCT: From 2002 to present: the development and industrialization of the metal coating named VARIHARD-HE for the thermal coating on site of Yankee dryers is the most important achievement of the past decade both from the technological level achieved and the results in term of product reliability and number of applications worldwide both directly and through the main machine manufacturers.



Machinery and equipment – Maximum work piece size



For works realized at RIF facilities:

Maximum diameter:     2000 mm
Maximum face length: 14'000 mm
Max total length:          15’400 mm 



Max Weight:                100 tons


Special department:



RIF has equipped a department for the hot grinding and metal spraying of new Yankee cylinders with diameter up to 4880 mm (16’’)



Service Capacity:



Diameter:                    No special limitation Face length:



  • Yankee and Monoglazing dryers : up to  6500 mm
  • Dryer Cans : up to  12.000 mm with possibility of increase in case of longer rolls


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