Company : Pulmac

Category : Test and Measurement

Pulp & Stock Strength Tester

Pulmac Z-Span 4000 Pulp and Stock Strength Tester


The Pulmac Z-Span 4000 is a turnkey system to quickly and repeatedly measure the component strength properties of pulp and stock. All procedures to obtain strength numbers in Pulmac are highly automated and simplified.



40 samples of Pulmac products with +/-3% repeatability at the 95% confidence level can be processed to obtain a set of three strength numbers. All sample preparation of Pulmac products have sheet forming and strength testing requirements incorporated within the Pulmac system.



In addition, full services are offered by Pulmac to ensure the successful implementation of rapid strength number generation into a pulp mill's production operation.



Pulmac Z-Span 4000 turnkey system includes:



  • Dewatering device for rapid consistency measurement.
  • Fluffer to transform dewatered "cake" pulp into "fluff" pulp.
  • Pulp scale to measure out 2g of "fluff" pulp.
  • Mixer and mixing jugs to slurry and swell "fluff" pulp.
  • Dilution jug to dilute and transfer slurried pulps to ASF.
  • Automated Sheet Former (ASF) makes 6 test sheets.
  • Paper scale to determine moisture free basis weight of test sheets.
  • Z-Span tester for zero and short span tensile testing.


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