Operator interface

User Interface

  • Easy to use and configure software.
  • All the tools to see exactly what happened before and during the web break.
  • Live display of all cameras.
  • Real Time Analysis (RTA) for monitoring trim Squirts, release angle, tail threading, press draws etc., no reference millsight required.
  • Full statistics – graphs etc.
  • mRemote - Viewing paper break events and live views of the paper process over the mill LAN (option).


Advanced features


  • Supporting GigE digital HQ cameras and analog cameras.
  • Ideal when upgrading older systems.
  • Multiview - Playback and comparison of different break events at the same time, looking for same reason breaks.
  • Fiber optic communications to each camera.
  • SplitMux - display of up to 16 live camera millsights on one 40” monitor (option).


Available systems


  • Full size cabinet (any number of cameras).
  • Half height cabinet (up to 12 cameras).
  • mPortable system ’On wheels’.

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