Microlys Modified Starches

Adhesives For Packaging And Paper Converting


Lyckeby Industrial has a broad product range of adhesives for applications within lamination, roll wrapping, carton manufacturing, case sealing, core manufacturing, labelling etc. A major part of the products are based on renewable raw materials such as starch and protein. The product portfolio are composed by dry adhesives as well as water-borne. In addition to that we also have a hot melt portfolio. The most well-know products in our product portfolio are Naturabond™, Biobond, Plattonal™, Landobond, Landocoll and DanikumLim.


An example of application for NaturaBond™ is in core manufacturing. Over the last year NaturaBond™ has taken market shares from water glass in core production. The advantages of NaturaBond TM are among other things:


  • Improved end product - reduction of moisture related quality problems
  • Faster drying which gives shorter storage and delivery times
  • Reduced application amount with 20% to 25%
  • Renewable product

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