Doctoring / Reclaim machines

Rubber Rolls:


Lathia Rubber is manufacturing all types of rubber coverings used in the Paper Industry.   Lathia Rubber repairs as well as recoats rollers such as Wire Rollers, Felt Rollers, Breast Rollers, Couch Rollers, Forward Drive Rollers, Press Rollers, Size Press, Suction Press, Blind Drilled and Soft Calendar Rollers.  Lathia has cost effective coverings for all types of rollers used in the Paper Machines from low load and low speed machines to high load and high speed machines. These rollers are manufactured using latest technology and the coverings are comparable to the best in the world as our principals Stowe Woodward, USA is leading manufacturers of Rollers in the world.


Grinding & Polishing


LATHIAS undertake grinding and polishing of all types of rollers including Ceramic Rollers. The rollers are ground as per international standards.

Dynamic Balancing


LATHIAS can do dynamic balancing of rollers at whatever speed and RPM required. 



In addition to above, Lathias also manufacturers of rubber linings for anti corrosive purpose and specialized rubber products for the industry.

Rolls for Paper Industry


Lathia manufacture and recovers following Rolls for Paper Industry.


Forming Section


Black Diamond®/ Polychem®/ Pre-Press®/ Fabmate®/Ebonite/Elarblack


Press Section:


Releasing Covers

Elarrok/ Microrok®/Stonite®/Dynarok®/Dynastone®/MicroPeeler®/Peeler®/SuperWear®


Rubber Covers:

Press Rolls


Elar Press/X-300®/Resistex®/Aquamate®/Aquawell®/AquawellII/Permavent®/Tempwear®/VarioMate®/VarioMateIV®/ElarTouchI/SuperPressXL®/SuperPressXLR,SuperWear Xtreme/ HyperPress.


Coating/Size Press


MicroRok®/MicroMate®/DynaSize®/ElarCoat/VarioCoat®/SuperSizeXL/XLT/HyperStar AP/HyperStar XL/HyperCoat®/DynaSize II

Lathia manufactures rollers for all applications in the Paper Industry.

Other Products