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XLNT - Uncoated paper for printed direct marketing

XLNT  -  Uncoated paper for printed direct marketing

Holmen XLNT  is an uncoated paper that lives up to its name: an excellent choice for direct marketing. It is a highly competitive alternative to traditional SC-B papers, that can help you keep down the cost for production and distribution. We’re living in the digital age, but printed direct marketing is still one of the most efficient ways to drive demand, boost online traffic and support digital campaigns. By being cost-efficient from production to distribution, Holmen XLNT allows you to include direct marketing in your media mix without blowing your budget.

Holmen XLNT is a sturdy uncoated paper suitable for both heatset and gravure printing and comes in grammages from 38 gsm and up. The high opacity even in low grammages makes it a great choice for your direct mail or supplements. The fact that Holmen XLNT is produced from fresh fibre gives it stability and stiffness, so you can choose a low basis weight without your end product becoming floppy. The properties of the fresh fibre also give the paper higher bulk. This means that it’s more voluminous and the paper weighs less while retaining its thickness. With higher bulk, you can buy fewer tonnes and still get the same amount of print surface, or you can buy the same amount of paper in tonnes and add more pages or more copies to your print run.

Furthermore, this  uncoated paper for printed direct marketing is produced using 100 percent fresh fibre from sustainably managed Swedish forests. The production has a low impact on the environment and the wood fibre is 100 percent traceable. This means that you can rest assured that the raw materials come from a clean and reliable source.

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