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Impulse Deposit Removal System (IDRS)

Impulse Deposit Removal System (IDRS)

Spectra HE™ Impulse Deposit Removal System (IDRS)

One of the examples of simple, yet advanced equipment is a fully automated, patented, Spectra HE™ Impulse Deposit Removal System (IDRS) designed and built by HTI for removal of deposits formed on heat transfer surfaces of boilers or pollution control equipment such as bag houses, cyclones, etc.

The design of the unit is based on combined combustion technology that involves several fully controllable combustion methods.

The Spectra HE™ IDRS consists of 3 major parts:

  • the Impulse Generator

  • PLC based Control Panel and

  • Safety System

The Impulse Generator is introduced inside a boiler via nozzle or attached to its sidewall. When operating cycle begins, it generates and directs large amplitude high velocity pressure waves onto deposits via a custom designed nozzle.

The Spectra HE™ IDRS can be installed as a stationary system and operate in programmable unattended mode to prevent formation of deposits, or it can be installed on a movable support and moved from one location to another.

Frequency of operating cycles, strength of a pressure wave depends on type of deposits, frequency of its formation and other characteristics. Once mode(s) of operation is (are) established, the operation is conducted automatically and controlled by a PLC or microprocessor.

The Spectra HE™ IDRS can be inserted into the boiler cavity, rotated around several axes; thus, it can cover a large area.  We will custom design the pattern of operation, so it effectively removes deposits formed in the boiler.

Depending on the size and type of boiler, the Spectra HE™ IDRS will improve efficiency and reduce greenhouse emissions by a factor of 5% (large boilers) to 20%.

Depending on the size and type of a boiler, the factor of improvement is varied from 5 (large boilers) to 20%.


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