Precision Nuts

Precision Nuts | KMT, KMTA are used for bearings fixation in machines and equipment which require high precision, for example in lathes, grinding lathes and mills. These nuts have three brass pins to lock them on the shaft, divided in angles, which are pressed against the shaft by screws. Precision Nuts | KMT, KMTA pins inclination are equal to the thread angle so the nuts are not exposed to axial loads, making the nut tightening at the exact grip position possible.


Hydraulic Nuts / HMVE (TOOLS)


Hydraulic nuts is a tool that helps the bearings in sleeves and shafts assembling and the disassembling. It makes the work easier, allowing an assembling without impacts what makes gives the set a longer useful life. It uses a manual hydraulic pump to execute heavy duty making the assembling and disassembling time shorter compared to traditional methods using the spanner and the hammer.

Other Products

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