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PDA.C 02 MST - Module Standard

PDA.C 02 MST - Module Standard

PDA.C 02 MST - Module Standard

The emtec PDA.C02 Penetration Dynamics Analyzer (plus Module Standard, MST) helps to predict the gluability, printability and coating-ability of paper and board by measuring the converting-relevant parameters surface sizing (surface hydrophobia) and surface pore structure.


measurement of the converting-relevant parameters surface sizing/surface hydrophobia and surface porosity

easy to handle

measured parameters help to optimize the converting process and the product quality, for example by adapting the converting process to the quality of the incoming paper or board

modular system (e.g., Module HVL for tests with high viscous liquids or the Module Standard Coating for tests with coating color)

reliable and accurate test results, which help to solve issues in the converting process and with the product quality, where standard test devices are no help

Product description

To make sure that the necessary product quality can be reached, specifications are agreed between paper maker and converter. These specifications are bases on standard test devices, such as Cobb or Gurley. But often it happens that although the quality of the base paper or board is within the agreed specifications, issues with the gluability, printability or coating-ability occur during the converting.

Since gluability, printability and coating-ability mainly depend on surface sizing and surface porosity, information about these two parameters are very important. But the standard test devices are not able to measure them. In comparison to this, the emtec PDA is able to measure these two very important surface parameters within the time that is relevant for the converting process and by this helps to ensure a well-running converting process and the right product quality.


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