FibreZyme LBL

FibreZyme LBL selectively hydrolyzes xylans. FibreZyme LBL facilitates bleaching of kraft, soda and sulphite pulps by loosening the pulp structure and enhancing lignin extraction. FibreZyme LBL reduces chemical consumption and results in higher brightness chemical pulps. FibreZyme LBL increases yields across the pulping and bleaching processes by allowing a less vigorous pulping while maintaining brightness targets.


FibreZyme LBL maintains fibre strength, reduces refining energy requirements, and increases inter-fibre bonding through fibrillation while avoiding fibre breakage. Vessel picking that occurs during printing is reduced for eucalyptus pulps, an important consideration when manufacturing writing-grade papers.


FibreZyme LBL has an advantage over competitive products due to its broad pH (pH 4.5 to pH 9.5) and temperature ranges (20°C to 80°C).

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