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216 E. Mill St. Springboro, OH 45066

I-Beam Lubricators

I-Beam Lubricators

The Monorail I-Beam Chain Lubricator is usually located at the point of application and is available in several sizes: 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch.

It consists of the DL-5003 controller, and all the outputs, i.e. 24VDC solenoid valves and sensors, dispensing tubes and bracketry. It lubricates x-chain pins & open trolleys on an I-beam overhead conveyor.

The DL-5003 can control up to 4 different lube cycles with multiple lube points within each cycle. The conveyor lubricator is connected to a 1/4" nylon lubricant supply tubing, which is connected to a 6, 12 or 65 gallon lubricant tank located on or next to a support column for easy of filling. The 6 gallon lubricant tank can also be installed on the rail next to the lubricator. The lubricator comes mounted on a 2-foot section of I-beam rail or can be field installed on existing rail.


  • Microprocessor controlled

  • Millisecond dispensing accuracy

  • Field programmable security code

  • Large 2-line LCD screen

  • 4 independent channels

  • Tracks lube usage per cycle

  • Displays approximate line speed

  • 16 button programmable key pad

  • Sturdy dispensing tubes resist vibration

  • Exclusive self-diagnostic feature available

  • PC interface contacts (optional PLC contacts)

  • Automatic fault shut-down

  • All electronic

  • 1 year warranty

  • 3 year microprocessor warranty

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