Steam conditioning valves

Many industries, such as pulp and paper, refineries, sugar and petro-chemical facilities, require steam at a temperature very close to saturation. If the steam is supplied at a temperature too high the product or equipment can be damaged. If the temperature is too low there will be excess water. If the required control is lost, severe damaged to piping and downstream equipment occur, resulting in expensive maintenance cycles and loss of production.


Combined Pressure Reducing And Desuperheating Ensure Maximum Performance And Reliability


The VST valve range is primarily used in industrial (CHP) and utility power plants for conditioning of auxiliary and process steam. Availability of the VST-SE in the turbine bypass application for steam supply to the process is critical. Reliability and performance are paramount to the operation of the plant. The CCI VST-SE design with its unique features stands alone in the industry for steam conditioning applications.


High Rangeability Designs Maximize Output In Steam Conditioning Applications


Steam conditioning applications require high turndown of desuperheated steam flow to maximize system output and provide for higher system reliability. Typically high pressure to process turbine bypass systems require 50 to 1 or greater turndown with respect to desuperheated steam flow. The CCI VST-SE valves are design to achieve higher MW and heat generation outputs by minimizing the controllable steam flow to meet process demand. Immediate improvements in the performance of the plant can be realized.

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