Inline instrumentation, doctoring and metering blades and Mütek lab devices for packaging applications.


BTG offers cost-effective solutions for packaging or paperboard applications. In the wet-end, consistency transmitters are used for ash consistency control which allows for significant savings in raw material. The Freeness Inline Analyzer (DRT-5500) and retention analyzer and sensors (RET-series) are applied for freeness and retention control. The Gas Analyzer (GAS-60) avoids over-usage of defoamers.



For coated grades or surface sizing, Duroblade® coating blades have proven to last up to 10 times longer than conventional steel blades, they wear smoothly and evenly to maintain excellent coatweight profiles. With specific tip materials to enhance coatweight application, smoothness, gloss and fiber coverage, Duroblade coating blades are customized to meet customer needs.


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