Portable wood moisture meter PCE-MMK 1

Professional portable devices are indispensable for technicians and experts. Especially moisture meters to measure the absolute moisture in various materials need to work flawlessly and be compact and portable.

The universal moisture meter PCE-MMK 1 from PCE Instruments has been specially designed for portable use. The light-weight device which weighs just 100 g and its dimensions are 139 x 47 x 25 mm. It lies perfectly in the user’s hand. The PCE-MMK 1 wood moisture meter fulfils all basic requirements for sales representatives who need to check the moisture of different materials. In addition to the absolute moisture in construction materialsor wood, the universal moisture meter also shows the climate in the room, i. e. the ambient temperature and humidity.

PCE Instruments focus on inline moisture measurement and introduce new PCE-MWM 240

Throughout 2015, PCE launched some new moisture sensors for inline measurement such as the PCE-MWM 240 (A/B) for bulk goods which was brought into the market in late August 2015 to ensure consistent product quality and reduce operating and maintenance costs, as well as machine downtime and waste to a minimum.

The new VHF-band sensor continuously measures the moisture content in bulk material such as sawdust, wood and rubber chips, grains, flour, seeds, sand, gravel, crushed stone, etc. during the production process.